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SHT conducts HEMS flights at the FinnHEMS base’s in Helsinki,Turku and Tampere and also at the base in Mariehamn, Åland. The helicopters and their crew are stand-by 24 hours a day.  The crew consists of a doctor, HEMS Crew Member and a pilot. The average take off time is 3 minutes from alarming the crew. The take-off time at Åland is a bit longer.

The FinnHEMS bases are unique in the whole world of their kind with more than 3000 missions per year. The high frequency of missions keep both the helicopter and its crew alert at all times.

The average flight time at the FinnHEMS bases is around 10 minutes, this guarantees a quick response time for the patient in need of help.

FinnHEMS aim is not to transport the patent but to bring a small specialized medical team and equipment to the patient in need of medical assistance. The doctor is usually able to cure or stabilize the patient, the patient is then transported to the local hospital by road ambulance. The doctor attends the patient in the road ambulance or if the helicopter is transporting a patient with need of intensive care.


FH10 Vantaa base


FH20 Turku base

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