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Our main role at our base located in Mariehamn is Air Ambulance flights. Our flights usually head toward Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden and Turku University Hospital in Finland. Flights to other university hospitals like Karolinska and Huddinge in Sweden and also to Helsinki University Hospital are flown frequently.

Åland’s “own” ambulance helicopter has a big role at Åland and is very important service to people living on the remote islands around Åland. A helicopter that is ready 24/7 for a population of 27.000 inhabitants might feel unnecessary. Air borne medical service is highly appreciated at times when the weather conditions and a patient in distress needs medical care and transportation to the hospital.

The fastest and most economical way to transport a patient to a hospital in the archipelago is by helicopter. At hospital transfers the patient is simply flown from door to door, no road ambulance is needed, and this cuts the transfer time. The patients are in the care of highly trained nurses during all flights.

The Government of Åland, the Rescue Center and the Hospital have invested and supported the helicopter operation, and together we have built a safe Air Ambulance operation.


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