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There are times when one second can be valued in gold, moments when one feels that time runs out. The help has to reach the one in need as quickly as possible, whether they are ill or have been in an accident.
A rescue helicopter with a doctor or paramedics on board is often the best solution for the ones in need of medical help.

Skärgårdshavets Helikoptertjänst Ab (SHT) is specialized in HEMS and Air Ambulance flights carried out with a helicopter equipped for the mission type. We work in close co-operation with national NHA both at the Åland island and in Finland to best serve the patients.

SHT started the HEMS and Air Ambulance operations at Åland in 1990, acquiring the first civil twin engine helicopter of the type Messerschmidtt Bölkow-Blohm  BO-105 CB. This helicopter served until 2005 when the fleet was replaced by Eurocopter EC 135 P2’s. The BO-105 was well known in the Finnish archipelago and has rescued many patients during its 15 year long history.

SHT is fully owned by Wiklöf Holding Ab situated in Mariehamn at Åland.

SHT’s fleet consists today of 5 EC 135 helicopters. The helicopters are situated at the FinnHEMS bases at Helsinki, Turku and Tampere and at one  Air Ambulance and HEMS base in Mariehamn.. The fifth helicopter is used for pilot and HEMS Crew training and also acts as a backup for the four bases.

The EC 135 helicopter is a very modern helicopter broadly used worldwide for HEMS and Air Ambulance missions. The mission success rate what comes to helicopter availability was 98% during 2009, this figure speaks for the quality of service.


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